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Welcome to Mathematics Connection & Research in Nepal

Mathematics is an exciting living study. Its applications shape the world around you and influence your everyday life. Realizing this importance, the webpage Mathematics Connections has been developed for all levels of students, teachers, parents and all math lovers. Mathematics Connections is an innovative web page that aims to develop the mathematical concepts of students and teachers so that they will understand this fascinating subject and its application ‘do mathematics’ in a better way. This page offers students and teachers a unique opportunity to develop a clear understanding of mathematical concepts, procedures and processes. It also aims to teach you some practical mathematics applications that you can use in your everyday life and will prepare you for further mathematics courses. When you read our mathematics textbooks and other resources in this webpage, you will realise how important mathematics is and gain an appreciation of both its usefulness and its beauty. We also provide students and teachers with the tools to communicate their ideas to others and to apply these ideas to the real world. It is difficult to learn mathematics without becoming involved. To be successful, you should read the text carefully and solve each exercise in each assignment in detail. We have designed this website focusing on the five fundamental processes of ‘Making Connections, Communicating, Problem solving, Mathematical Reasoning and Representations’. We stress how mathematics is used in our daily lives whenever possible. Our primary goal is to give students and teachers a text they can read, understand and enjoy while learning how mathematics affects the world around them. Numerous real-life applied examples motivate topics. A variety of interesting exercises demonstrate the real-life nature of mathematics and its importance in students’ lives. We welcome your suggestions and comments.